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Concept Shoes 2017

Project Sheet





Start project:

End project:


Concept shoes 2017 (working name)

Student at SASK

Lotte Beyltiens


13 January 2017

16 May 2017

Lotte Beyltiens

For her final school project, student Lotte Beyltiens designed three different types of shoes, each to be printed in 3D. Using her sketches, we transformed the 2D designs into 3D shoes, based on the same 3D scanned last. They were all 3D printed so they could be worn at the catwalk.

Each of these designs needed a different approach. From a sturdy, gravity defying shoe to a seemingly weak wire frame based model.

Though the models don't seem like they are complicated, the devil is in the details. In the end, they all had to fit and carry the catwalk model.

All these models have been printed in white polyamide and have been spray painted black.


Check out the 3D model of one of them below the pictures.

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