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'Splash' Jewellery

Project Sheet



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Concept printed jewellery

Rose Thurmes

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Rose Thurmes

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For Royal Arts student Rose Thurmes in London, we made jewellery based on splashes.

Rose explained us how she wanted the models to look, providing us with different inspirational pictures and sketches.

Based on these images, the project started to unfold. Four different shapes were fabricated and combined with furry dresses.

While shaping these splashes, it became clear that these jewels needed to flow, splash and show a lot of frozen movement. Modelling these was hard at first, but started to become fluent later on. Some shapes needed to splash up, others needed to look like they're melting.

The belts are roughly 3mm thick and were to be 3D printed in flexible polyamide.

Rose's designs are a cry for awareness of global warming. The furry animal dresses blend well with the organic shape of the jewellery. It's not hard to make the connection between the melting of the polar ice and the huge ice bears who (yet) walk on top of it.

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