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Moods Sunglasses

Moods Sunglasses

Start project:

End project:

Pixel Depot

Software used:

Modo, Moments of Inspiration


Moods is a young Belgian company that wants to change the way glasses are made. Naturally, they looked into 3D printing to bring their new ideas into reality.

Because they had ideas on how to make these glasses but couldn't bring it to fruition, they came to Pixel Depot.

On this foundation, we helped them 3D print a new kind of design and a new type of joint.

During the prototype phase, we took the time get the design just right. We cooperated continuously and changed the final frame design several times to adhere to the current design trends.

This kind of production also allowed them to have their glasses custom made and to be created on order. That way they didn't need to go into high production costs and didn't need to create a whole batch beforehand.

Sadly, the company went bust and the glasses production came to an end.

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