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Seven Deadly Sins

Project Sheet



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Seven Sins Shoe concept designs

Katrien Herdewyn

Start project:

End project:

Katrien Herdewyn

Software used:

Modo, Moments of Inspiration


Shoe designer Katrien Herdewyn wanted 7 different heels printed in 3D. Each of these heels is detachable from the main body and represents one of the 7 deadly sins.

Build around a basic heel shape, each sin is recognisable through different shaped particles on the back, such as tongues, teeth, fans or leaves.

The 7 pairs of heels are removable from the shoe, meaning they could be interchanged and attached to other shoes at will.

The first thing to tackle in the design process was to model a basic 3D heel that can attach and fit onto other shoes. This base heel was used to make 7 new different pairs.

Using replicators, surface particle generators and prototype sources, a rough layout was made.

With this first visual idea, the particles were frozen into place and were each scaled and placed correctly onto the underlying surface.

Once every heel was confirmed to be perfect, getting them print ready was a tedious job.

Every small part needed to be unified and merged together into one big 3D mesh. The amount of detail meant that a lot of stitching had to be done before each heel was ready for printing.

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