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The Specialist

Project Sheet



Website client:


Website designer:

Curve-O Specialist


Start project:

End project:

Pixel Depot

Software used:

Modo, Substance


Curve-O is a young Belgian brand, led by Ludovic Beckers and Luc Clerx, which aims to change the way of cutting hair.

Next to many hair dressing workshops, they also design and sell cutting tools. Their most iconic product is the Curve-O The Original comb, designed in 1996 by Ludovic Beckers and sold to over 240.000 users.

The Specialist is the next step for Curve-O in precision cutting. This new comb, co-designed with Pixel Depot, is smaller and lighter than the original comb. It has added features, such as an integrated ruler, new texture finish, a shifted curve and 5mm gap in front.

This comb is available worldwide in several colours and as both left and right handed versions.

Development of this comb took over two years and relied heavily on 3D printing for prototypes. Check out the 3D renders of the comb below.

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