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Trophy Design & Color Awards

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Trophy Curve-O Design & Color Awards 2021


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Pixel Depot

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Curve-O asked us to design a trophy for a brand new hairdressers competition.

Because this question came only 40 days before the trophy's would be awarded, we were already short on time from the very start.

To help save time, the design would be simple, but iconic. For fabrication, the choice was made to 3D print it in steel. Afterwards it'd be polished.

The design of the trophy had to feel special. It had to be related to the Curve-O brand in both design principles are philosophy.

We used the iconic curve of the brand and fitted it into the design. Two flat planes, seemingly flowing parallel to each other, only touch eachother because of their curvature. 

These curves represent several products of the Curve-O brand.

The dynamics of this shape allow for simple embossed lettering, who don't take away attention from the main shape.

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