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Poxx is a multifunctional flower pot, existing out of plastic and a seperate ring or lid. By combining these parts, the user can give different purposes to the flower pot, such as a stool, a wine cooler or a storage bin.

We were asked to help with the development of the design by creating technical drawings, 3D's and materials for the pot. Several 3D's and prototypes have been made, new ideas sprung to life and the project eventually matured into a market product.

There are three different pot sizes: 30, 45 and 60 cm in diameter. When transported, they stack into each other. The ring is available in plastic or bamboo. The pot is usable as a stool, a wine cooler, a storage bin or even as a pendulum lighting element.

The initial idea was to make the pot available in a lot of different bright colours. We tested them out in the following renders. At this time though, only black and white are available, with a bamboo ring or lid as extra option.

To buy it or for more information, please visit their website.



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