Rubber shoes

For an undisclosed client, iMaterialise asked us to design a shoe to be printed in rubber within 5 days time.
The shoe would have to be based on a 3D scan of a female foot.

Due to the characteristics of this rubber material and the short time available, we opted for a moccasin-like shoe.

Due to unforeseen circumstances with the 3D scans of the human foot (with 123D Catch), the time to design & create the model went from 5 days to a mere 4 hours. The shoe turned out simple and rather rough around the edges. It even resembles a certain kind of shoe *cough*crocs*cough* most of us don't like.

The process of making this shoe is also featured on the iMaterialise blog.

Check out the3D model of the right shoe below the pictures.


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