Working on Objet Portrait (1)

How does a simple and quick sketch turn into an existing object?

From 2013 until now, I've been working with product designer and artist Roel Vandebeek on a new project around nine personas.

For this concept, which he assigned to himself, he listened to nine public figures and made for each of them two objects, one practical and one art object; one functional and one symbolic.

This project eventually accumulated into an exhibition 4 years later in Genk, called Objet Portrait.

During these years, I had to keep quiet about all of this. I'm happy I'm now able to talk about some of these products.

For Objet Portrait, 18 different objects were made. Most of these objects passed through my hands and had to be converted into 3D, so Roel was able to present the idea to his persona and to transform them into a real life product.

The following weeks I will post about a few of these objects and how they transitioned from 3D model to finished product.

The goal is to give a glance about what it's like to transform a seemingly simple idea to a working 3D model and what problems might occur during this transition.

The first item to dissect will be a rather special watering can called Drip-Drop.