Website overhaul

We've updated the website with a slightly different layout and a load of new projects. This new website should be easier to navigate and is a lot quicker to respond.

On the top of the page you will find only three tabs. Gone are the 'home' and the 'store' tab. Clicking the logo takes you home, making an extra button abundant. The store tab might resurface in a later stage, but it'll remain hidden for now.

The home page has had its biggest overhaul: getting rid of visual clutter. Only featured projects and the latest news item are showing. This page is the only one where you can click through to the news section.

The project pages have had an overhaul too: things are a little more playfully arranged, showing the full project picture instead of just a squared off section.

Each project now also has the same base page, with a banner picture, a short project sheet, a description and a gallery.

Every other page had some slight adjustments where we revisited everything and slotted everything together even better.

We've also updated the cookie preferences, so it should be easier for users to decline or accept them.

And then there's a new chat function which makes it easier to contact us whenever you like.

Under the hood a lot of stuff changed too, but that can't be seen by the user. The main point is that it makes it easier to do website updates. So you can expect more and frequent project updates.

More finetuning will still be done in the future, but for now, please do take a little dive into the website.